Learn to multiply fast and easy.


At first you'll learn to memorize the tables in Memorize mode. A simple multi choice game, will help you along.

In Multiply mode, you will learn to master each table doing multiplications with the specific table. Get a score and monitor your progression. Every time you complete a table, you will unlock a table monster.

Finally you'll test your multiplication skills in Multiply Mixed mode. When you have answered all the multiplications correctly, you'll unlock the Mega Monster.

If you really got the spirit you can learn tables 11 -20 with the in app purchase option.



Remember to straighten up.


That is the first step to get a good posture, but also the most difficult part. With the Upright Posture reminder, you can set an alert to remind you to straighten up, whenever you want to. The alert can play even if the app is in the background, playing music or you are talking on the phone.


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